About the event

The finale of JACC’s first cultural season was a huge success, extended for an extra day in response to the public's request. This season, the 'Tonight! 80s' show is coming back in a different vision, taking the audience on a new trip to the eighties. The era that is considered the “golden age” of the Kuwaiti television, with its various programs, series and songs, engraved in the memory of Kuwaitis.

In this show, the audience will re-live the glorious eighties, looking back in our past not with sadness or nostalgia, but rather with pride and appreciation to the years that formed the characteristics of our society today.

A musical visual spectacle that captures the senses and refreshes the memories of a past focusing on music that did not dominate the artistic scene at the time, such as the music of TV shows, commercials, and video games, to explore different aspects of memories tied to the 1980s in Kuwait.

We accompany the viewer on a journey through a day in the eighties, through themes related to daily life. The show is accompanied by scenes from Kuwait TV programs which had the biggest media influence at that time, from the early morning broadcast until the final evening broadcast.

Venue Information

National Theatre
Designed to accommodate large stage productions – opera, musicals, ballet and dance – as well as large conference or spoken words.
Genre      Kuwaiti Shows


Wednesday 09 January
08:00 PM


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Smart Casual. i
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Special Note
Dress code is Smart Casual
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