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Memoirs of a Sailor

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A modern interpretation of the well known musical, written by Mohammad Al-Fayez and composed by Ghannam Al-Deikan; the musical was first performed in 1979 by Sana' Al-Kharraz and Shadi Al-Khaleej --whose works have enriched Kuwait's cultural and musical history. In this new treatment to the classic --that has become part of our memory and cultural identity-- new dramatic scenes were added to introduce each musical act. Performed by local talented actors and produced with the latest technologies to shoot the scenes in their original settings, be it in the old city, on the deck of a ship or underwater. The Memoires of a Sailor tells of the hardships a sailor suffers, longing for home, his small family in the distant Kuwait; his mixed emotions about his need for the pearl diving job and his fear of dying at sea, far from home. The old sailor finally overcomes these obstacles and hardships by finding a unique pearl, returning home with tidings of great joy. The work features a number of talented Kuwaiti actors, Maryam Al-Saleh, Faisal Al-Amiri, Alaa' Al-Hendi, Abdul-Mohsin Al-Haddad, Shaikhah Al-Hendi and many others. The songs are performed by Mutrif Al Mutrif, Salman Al-Ammari and the talented young star Alaa' Al-Hendi with the collobration of the well known Shadi Al-Khaleej and accompanied by the JACC ensemble which consists of more than 75 musicians, percussionists and choir, lead by maestro Dr. Mohammad Baqer, choir trainer Dr. Hamad Al-Manea', and arranged by Khaled Nouri.

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