King Lear

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The tragedy tells the story of aging King Lear, who decides to abdicate the throne and divide his kingdom among his three daughters, the eldest Goneril, the second Regan and the youngest Cordelia based on how much they love him.

 The two eldest daughters flatter their father while Cordelia, his favourite, speaks honestly but bluntly, infuriated King Lear who disinherits her and divides her share between the elder sisters. Later, Lear ends up an expelled homeless man torn by regret and insanity, after being met with ingratitude and denial from his two eldest daughters.

 King Lear reviews the dualities of despair and hope, good and evil, loyalty and betrayal and all the tendencies of the human soul in a literary human creative work that has retained its glory and success throughout the centuries.


: National Theatre

: Starting From K.D

: incl. intermission

: 20 min

: 10 Years and above



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